Bealiba CWA

The Bealiba CWA branch was formed in 1935.
It is part of theEast Wimmera group along with Stuart Mill, Kara (St Arnaud), Cabbaritta (Charlton, Weddiburn, Marnoo & Wirrim (Birchip).
Currently we have 22 full members and 7 junior members.
We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 10.30am. Typically we would have craft in the morning and the meeting at at 1pm, but this sometimes turns around.
The juniors meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 4pm. Both meet at the Bealiba Hall
We have worked closely with the Bealiba school over the years with the children participating in many of our events.
Bealiba CWA organises the Australia Day celebrations, caters for Anzac Day, caters for funerals etc. in the town.We host a Christmas Concert on the 1st Friday in December.
We also have some outings from time to time & welcome young& older  ladies to join us. For enquiries  phone Pam Brightwell on 54691310